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Our goal is simple - we want to help people like yourself moving better, feeling better and achieving a healthy and pain-free lifestyle through our cutting edge IASTM & Kinesiology Tape products. We empower practitioners and give them the tools they require through world class continuing education and cutting edge performance and treatment products. Join the IASTM revolution with M2T-Blade Blade today


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The M2T-Blade is the leading IASM Product for Health and Fitness Professionals. We are the ONLY company that allows our practitioners to customize their tool. How cool is that?

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What Do People Say About M2T-Blade

After using several IASTM Tools the M2T-Blade is always my #1 choice in treatment. 1 Tool, does the job perfectly
— Daneille, Toronto Chiropractor
The M2T-Blade ran a spectacular education course in Jordan. It was a new perspective and value was 1000%
— Dr. Ameer, Physiotherapist Amman Jordan
Great experience learning with the M2T-Blade team! Loved the course and products - I would not make a single change!
— Eric, PT Alberta
My M2T-Blade tools come with me to every onsite sporting event! - My patients now request them!
— Kelly PT Orlando, Florida


The M2T-Blade Difference

M2T-Blade is a proud Canadian Company, based in Hamilton, Ontario. We started the revolution of all-in-one IASTM Tools and Customized IASTM Tools. Today, we teach courses in 55 Countries and have warehouses across three continents with over 10,000 certified practitioners. Our goal is simple, we want to help over 1 Million people live a better, pain free life.


Our Promise

As a Canadian Company, we hold our products to the highest standard. All products come with a free 3 year full warranty.

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