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MyoStrecth Therapy: Combining Fascial Stretch with Percussion Massage Instrument

What is MyoStretch Therapy?

The human body works together as an intricate system of our kinetic chains including muscles, ligaments and facia. When we experience 'pain', there is a lack of mobility somewhere in the kinetic chain causing poor movement and compression on our blood vessels and nerves.

MyoStretch Therapist Assess the facial and myokinetic chains and through G.O.T. {General Osteopathic Technqiues} and apply a global approach through dynamic hands on stretching and eliminate mobility blocks and provide immediate relief and better mobility through a 30-60 minute hands on session.

MyoStretch Therapy and Certified MyoStretch Therapist has been developed by the M2T-Blade.

In this 45 Minute Webinar, Registrants will learn:

- Fascial Anatomy and Theory

- How to apply MyoStretch Therapy

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