Why Do Practitioners Wear Gloves When Performing #IASTM?

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Do You Wear Gloves?

Nitrile Treatment Gloves

Why do practitioners of IASTM wear blue treatment gloves?

IASTM aka “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization,” is a manual therapy approach to musculoskeletal injuries using specifically designed tools such as the M2T-Blade

The M2T-Blade is an all-in-one treatment tool use to detect and treat muscle pain and myofascial adhesions.

Our goal at the M2T-Blade is to provide world class education and knowledge and provide support to our registrants, practitioners, and customers.

One questions we always receive is about the validity and purpose of wearing gloves during an IASTM Treatment.

Here is our response:

4 Benefits to wearing nitrile gloves while performing IASTM

1) Facsial Tactile Feedback

With M2T-Blade - we always suggest to have one hand engaged with patient {free hand} and other hand on the tool to help with passive motion while performing IASTM Technique. Wearing gloves will allow free hand to engage fascia.

2) Grip Of Tool

Using cremes can be messy and slippery. Wearing gloves will allow better hold on the tool without slipping.

3) Cleanliness

4) Transfer between modalities and techniques

With the M2T-Blade, it is not a be all, end all. We suggest to incorporate other modalities like taping, cupping and Active Release. With using a tool and creme it may be tricker to transfer from modalities as hands will be full of lotion. Using gloves allow you to do multiple modalities with greater outcome.

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M2T blade breaks down fibrous tissue, knotted muscles and scar tissue. This is a very safe and effective technique. Adhesions, fibrous tissue within the soft tissue which may have developed due to repetitive strain, immobilization, are broken down with IASTM to allow restoration of function.