Frozen Shoulder Webinar: January 15th and 17th, 2018

Frozen Shoulder Webinar: January 15th and 17th, 2018

The Frozen Shoulder specialty course by M2T-Blade is a unique protocol system designed using scientific proven IASTM techniques and advanced assessments protocols to determine a proper treatment program for patients experiencing frozen shoulder. 

Practitioners and Trainers that are certified under this program are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to properly assess and implement exercise and IASTM techniques with the M2T-Blade to help improve the outcomes. 

In this 30 minute webinar, our M2T-Blade certified staff will teach participants the techniques of IASTM to help improve the treatment outcomes of Frozen Shoulder.

By registering for this webinar, you will learn: 

- Theory of IASTM
- What is Frozen Shoulder
- Treatment Techniques
- Exercise

Inside to our Frozen Shoulder Program: 

Inside Frozen Shoulder Course:

January 15th @ 730 EST -

January 17th @ 9am EST -

Hope to see you in one of our webinars!