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Press Release


Operations & Management of M2TBlade Products & Education

Date: August 8th, 2018

Released By: Lyneth Pansensoy COO & Director



For Immediate Release


It is for our great pleasure as of May 1st, 2018 Nu Cares Education & Training Academy will manage operations, customer relations and product fulfillment for products, services, and education.


Statement from Nu Cares President and COO of


“We are extremely excited and humbled to be fulfilling operations and education for The M2T-Blade is the leading IASTM products and education series and our goal is to create the M2T-Blade as the IASTM Leader worldwide” – Lyneth Pansensoy COO


Objectives for Operations and


1)    Provide improved customer experience and online education platform

2)    Improve Customer Relations and Shipping times

3)    Introduce new products and education workshops

4)    Pioneer new research for IASTM and Movement Therapy

5)    Enhance ordering process of our Custom IASTM Tools


While continuing to improve our products and services, we are continually committed to the  growth of our Live Education and Certification Series. The M2T-Blade team currently provides live certification courses in 22 countries and were recently the first to introduce Live Education Workshops in Moscow, Russia and have are committed to running 120 workshops per year, across 22 countries and growing into 5 new markets within 2018.


In 2018, we are also happy to announce our new Custom IASTM Instrument. This is the first and only Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Instrument that may be modified in 6 different colours and be engraved with any logo, name and website for further clinic or fitness facility branding.


We have also launched our new specialty courses which include Frozen Shoulder, Stroke Rehab with IASTM, and Sports Performance Certifications. The feedback from our registrants in our specialty courses has been tremendous and we look forward to release new IASTM Products and Educational Opportunities.  


Our team looks forward to continually growing and helping Doctors, Practitioners, Therapist, and Trainers worldwide improving their treatment


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