Review of M2T-Blade Rogue Red IASTM Instrument

Rode Rogue M2T Instrument -

Rode Rogue M2T Instrument -

M2T-Blade is one of the leading international IASTM company that features products for Chiropractors, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist and Personal Trainers.

Recently, The M2T-Blade released two new products: 

1) Equine Series {Release in Germany - July 10th, 2017}

2) Metallic Series. 

The Metallic Series or Rogue Series is the new highlight where we take the same technology as our original M2T-Blade and add custom colours and engraved clinic logo. 

Pictured above is our new Rogue Red - the sleek and stylish M2T-Blade that is now available in Red in the USA, Canada and U.K.

For more information  on our new Rogue series or information on placing a custom order - please email our support team at or call 800-251-4396