10 Reasons Why Online Education For IASTM Will Benefit You & Your Clients!

10 Reasons Why Online Education For IASTM Will Benefit You & Your Clients!

10 Reasons Why Online Education For IASTM Will Benefit You & Your Clients!

The M2T-Blade online program is one of the only online education modules that gives practitioners and trainers a full spectrum of information to get started with IASTM with their clients. 

Wanted to get started with your IASTM education and don't have the time to attend a live workshop? Here are the top 10 reason why an online program maybe right for you:

10 Reasons:

Get Started Here: https://kinesiologytape.co/products/m2t-blade-online-certification-includes-tool-workbook-bonus-10-rolls-of-kinesiology-tape

1. Only Interactive Program for IASTM Available - during this program, enrolments will receive coaching calls and time with our support team via skype/google hangout to help trouble shoot and go through the protocols and education. This is also a great chance to ask questions to a live dedicated support educator!

2. Complete IASTM Education

3. Dedicated Support by our Trained Team of Professionals

4. Free Poster & Clinical Locater

5. Same Content as our live program

6. Free Ticket To Live Event - Want more then online education? With our live events, you receive free admission to join in at a course convenient with your schedule. 

7. Leading IASTM Instrument {included in package} - used by practitioners in over 68 countries {and counting!}

8. Program is at your own pace - you can start the program at your earliest convenience and take your time to complete it. Our dedicated team is always working to help you through the process!

9. Your account will never expire, and you can review content as you please

10. M2T-Blade is included! - All education packages include the M2T-Blade {a $299 Value}!


11. Can be upgraded for $125 for custom logo and colour - Get your instrument upgraded with custom colour of your choice and your own logo laser engraved into our tool! 

Get Started Here: https://kinesiologytape.co/products/m2t-blade-online-certification-includes-tool-workbook-bonus-10-rolls-of-kinesiology-tape

How the program is broken down:

Get Started Here: https://kinesiologytape.co/products/m2t-blade-online-certification-includes-tool-workbook-bonus-10-rolls-of-kinesiology-tape

What is IASTM?

IASTM stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and has come to mean any type of tool assisted massage. 

Further benefits of IASTM

Tissue Healing and Repair

Tendons are what connect our muscles to our bones.Injury to tendons includes small tears or strains or simply irritation to tendons often referred to tendonitis or tendonosis from overuse or poor body mechanics. Research shows that the one of the best ways to repair tendons is by stimulating fibroblast creation. Fibroblasts are the cells that help create new collagen fibers to repair tissues. IASTM has been shown to increase the stiffness in tendons after injury and promote faster healing times


Injury to muscle can often cause formation of scar tissue which is very typical after a surgery. When muscles are put in shortened positions, such as when you wear a cast or sit in a position all day at work, the muscles can adaptively shorten or develop adhesions. Scar tissue forms when there is not proper time for tissue to heal. Oxygen is unable to get to the injury site and the body resolves this issue by plugging up the injury with scar tissue. Scar tissue can restrict our range of motion, create pain and disrupt normal muscle function so we become weaker. It can also decrease our proprioception which is our body’s awareness of where it is in space. This can result in poor balance and function

Improved Function and Balance

Research has also shown promising effects of the use of IASTM in neurological symptoms. Case studies have seen improved electromyographical results in patients post stroke that have muscular imbalances such as hyperactivity or hypoactivity6. Injuries to nerves can cause a lack of response to our muscles or even an overactive response. Other research has seen improvements in ROM and functional tests which may aid in improvements in dynamic balance7. These studies indicate that IASTM may have a role in normalizing the response in your muscles which would improve gait and balance


Get Started Here: https://kinesiologytape.co/products/m2t-blade-online-certification-includes-tool-workbook-bonus-10-rolls-of-kinesiology-tape