Upcoming Asia Course: July 29th and 30th, 2017

Functional Assessment, IASTM (Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Manipulation) with integration of Kinesiology taping and corrective exercise

Course Objectives:
- The use of the exclusively engineered M2T-Blade Tool in the treatment of soft tissue and fascial restrictions in Scar Tissue and Adhesions.
- Applications of IASTM as an effective method for treating movement, pain, and dysfunction in several Musculoskeletal conditions.
-Explain the Concepts and theories behind the restoring optimal soft tissue quality & stimulate the acceleration of the body's natural response post injury.
- How to integrate IASTM with the current manual therapy techniques to compliment and enhance the treatment and exercise outcomes.
- Application of Kinesiology Tape in MSK Conditions.
- Functional Exercise Prescription

Course Outline:

Day 1 – Objective – Assessment, Physiology, Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy.
9:00 – Functional Assessment, Anatomy
10:00 – Muscle Testing: Physiology, Introduction
11:00 – Orthopaedic Evaluation and Assessment
1:00 – Review of morning
1:30 – Introduction to IASTM
2:30 – IASTM and Muscle Testing – Pre, Post
4:00 – Introduction to IASTM {Technique} and practice.
5:00- Lower Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview
6:00- Lower Limb Practice

Day 2 – IASTM – Advanced and Protocols
9:00– Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview
10:00 – Upper Limb Practice
11:00- Review & Practice of Full Assessment and IASTM Treatment
1:00-Taping & Therapeutic Exercise Selection
2:00 – Review of IASTM techniques with M2T-Blade
3:00– Kinesiology Tape Application, Theory
4:00 – Lower Limb Practice
5:00 – Lower Limb Review
6:00– Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview
7:00 – Functional Exercise Prescription and Advanced Functional Assessment Protocols

Cost Covers:

- 20 hours Theoretical / Intense Practical teaching hours.
-Course Materials, 2 rolls tape

***M2T-Blades are sold separately

Three Certificates : 
1) Certified Functional Myofascial Practitioner and Certified in Functional IASTM ( Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Tool ) Practitioner
2) Certified Vigor Kinetic Tape Practitioner
3) Certified in Corrective Care Program


More Information: https://www.facebook.com/m2tbladeasia/