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Trial The M2T-Blade For 30 Days

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Discover how IASTM with the M2T-Blade can help you with:

  1. Easily locate and identify areas of tissue adhesion
  2. Improve Client Tissue Healing & Repair
  3. Reduce Tissue Adhesion and Increase Flexibility
  4. Improve Function and Balance
  5. Save your hands, decrease treatment times and get overall greater treatment results!

How does the trial work and what do I get?

With our 30 day trial of the M2T-Blade, you will receive our M2T-Blade for a full use for 30 days plus: 

  1. Introduction Booklet via PDF
  2. 4 Video Tutorials On IASTM Education
  3. 1 Private Coaching Session 
  4. 1 Introduction to IASTM Certificate

Don't want to keep the M2T-Blade beyond 30 Days? - No problem, simply email to send it back and keep the training, education, and introduction certificate

Lets get started - simply fill out the form below to qualify for our 30-Day Trial

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I Understand that will charge my credit card $29.97 USD to activate my 30 Day Trial *
$29.97 is the shipping and insurance fee - this covers to any location across the world
I understand I can return my M2T-Blade at anytime
Simply Email to return your M2T-Blade if you feel it doesn't fit your practice
If I decide to keep my M2T-Blade after the 30-Day Trial period after 30 days, I authorize to charge my card provided $299

Please note - if you have any questions with our 30 Day trial please email

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